RAE Systems' radiation monitoring products are built with more than two decades of experience in protecting the health and safety of those working in dangerous, hazardous environments. These products:

  • Are designed for reliable, easy operation
  • Provide optimum radiation detection capability and overall measurement performance.
  • Are compliant with all applicable industry standards (ANSI, CSA, ATEX, CE).

Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPDs)

  • The small, card-format DoseRAE 2 and compact MiniDose dosimeter include extended data logging capability and software for data display, analysis and record management.
  • The ruggedized DoseRAE Pro provides real-time dose rate, accumulated dose and a stay time warning to alert users to exit areas of dangerous radiation exposure.

Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs)

  • The RAE Systems' GammaRAE IIR is immersible, intrinsically safe and drop-resistant with easy-to-read displays, bright LED alert lights and loud alarms for fast radiation threat detection.
  • The NeutronRAE II provides fast detection of both Neutron and gamma radiation threats in a rugged, immersible, drop resistant housing.

Multi-sensor, wide-area monitors

  • Rugged construction and wireless operation allow the RAE Systems AreaRAE Gamma to monitor for threats in any condition while reporting data back to a centralized command center.
  • Integrated with the ProRAE Guardian software, the system provides a complete remote monitoring solution.
  • ProRAE Guardian accepts real-time detector data and instantly displays device status, alarm, and sensor reading information – all integrated on a single map display.

Radioactive source location surveys

  • The MultiRAE Pro, the world’s first multigas/gamma radiation detection monitor, delivers fast radiation detection, volatile organic compound (VOC), toxic and combustible gas and oxygen detection.

Applications for Radiation Monitoring

 DosimetersDetectorsArea MonitorsSurvey Instruments
DoseRAE ProDoseRAE IIGammaRAE II RNeutronRAE IIAreaRAE GammaMeshguard GammaMultriRAE Pro
Emergency First Response / HAZMAT TeamsX XX  X
Medical ApplicationsXX   X 
Scrap Metal Recycling & Industrial Safety, NDT inspection  X XXX
Oil & Gas, Well logging  X XXX
Public Event Safety & Area Protection  XXXXX
National Defense, Customs & Border Patrol  XX  X
Nuclear Power IndustryXX  XX 
Environmental surveys, contamination cleanup and waste management XXXXXX


Gamma Radiation Detector & Dosimeter in One
ProRAE Guardian Screen Image

ProRAE Guardian

All Your Data. Right Here. Right Now.
DoseRAE Pro - Rugged Electronic Dosimeter for Personal Radiation Dosage Monitori

DoseRAE Pro

Rugged Electronic Dosimeter for Personal Radiation Dosage Monitoring
MeshGuard Gamma - Battery-Powered Wireless Radiation Detector

MeshGuard Gamma

Battery-Powered Wireless Radiation Detector


A compact electronic personal dosimeter to protect you every day

DoseRAE 2

Electronic Dosimeter for Personal Radiation Dosage Monitoring
AreaRAE Gamma Steel Gas Detector

AreaRAE Gamma Steel

Wireless Multi-Gas and Radiation Monitor
NeutronRAE II Radiation Detector

NeutronRAE II

Personal Radiation Detector