Supporting Japan with Detection Equipment

Supporting Japan with Detection Equipment

Even while critical supplies are still being transported into damaged prefectures in the wake of Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, the people of Japan, and the local and international emergency responders there to help, are now involved in a massive recovery and cleanup effort that’s complicated by radiation.

RAE Systems is committed to helping protect people in Japan who risk exposure to elevated radiation levels and potentially toxic and flammable gases and vapors, such as the chemicals and fuel swept up by the tsunami, that are present in the aftermath of a natural disaster of this scale.

RAE Systems provides combination radiation detectors and dosimeters, and advanced compound-specific and general-purpose flammable and toxic-gas detectors and wireless monitors designed to keep people and property safe.

RAE Systems’ products also are used to mitigate health risks faced by people working for private companies, aid organizations and the government.


Watch how a young mother protects her son with a DoseRAE-2 monitor.

Learn about the features and how to operate the DoseRAE-2 monitor.

Contact Information

Japan: RAE Systems’ Japan Manager Mikihiro Yamada or call +81 80 5301 4466

U.S.: RAE Systems Sales or call +1-408-952-8200

Contact RAE Systems for information on how its equipment can be used to protect the people of Japan, and local and international response teams.