Protecting People, Wildlife and Property in the Gulf

Oil Spill Response

Men and women involved in ongoing offshore operations and the spill cleanup in waterways (including harbors, rivers, bays, and oceans), as well as those working with wildlife and along coastal shorelines, are at significant health risk from exposure to harmful toxins resulting from oil contamination.

RAE Systems is committed to helping protect those coming into contact with oil, solvents, and other hazardous chemicals through the company’s advanced compound-specific and general-purpose flammable and toxic gas detectors and wireless monitors.

For years, RAE Systems' products have been used to mitigate health risks faced by people working for private companies, volunteer organizations and government agencies in and around oil spills. This includes the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill as well as others that have happened in countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Contact RAE Systems at +1-408-952-8200 if you need information about how our equipment can be used to protect people, wildlife and property from oil exposure in containment and clean-up operations.