Software Downloads

Obtain updates and downloads for RAE Systems' software below, including patches and maintenance releases.

For information on how to access the files once you have completed the download, please see our instructions for installing Software/Firmware.

Version Size Updated Date Release Notes
ProRAE Guardian Software Development Kit
v1.3.0 10 MB March 2014
ProRAE Guardian
v1.8.0 119.7 MB February 2014

Release Note

NOTE: Download an evaluation copy here.

ProRAE Studio II
v1.8.0 25.27 MB December 2013
DoseRAE 2
v1.02 5.09 MB October 2011

Supported Product: DoseRAE 2

This new Software works with the new DoseRAE 2 V1.12 Firmware. Both the Software and Firmware must be updated

ProRAE Suite
v3.32 15.42 MB May 2011

Supported Products: ToxiRAE plus PID, QRAE, QRAE Plus , VRAE,MultiRAE Plus , MultiRAE IR, MiniRAE 2000, ppbRAE Plus, UltraRAE, AreaRAE series, SentryRAE series

v1.0 1.01 MB April 2011

Supported Product: AutoRAE

Utility to log Calibration and/or Bump test records.

Wireless & P2P Utility
v1.01 109.73 KB June 2007

Supported Products: MultiRAE, MiniRAE and ppbRAE

Utility to select communication protocol (wireless or P2P) for MultiRAE, MiniRAE and ppbRAE