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Company founded by Robert I. Chen (CEO) & Peter Hsi (CTO)
1 $1.1 million Angel Funding
2 MicroRAE, the world's first personal PID monitor
1 MiniRAE handheld professional PID
2 RAEGuard PID, a fixed PID transmitter
3 RAEGuard LEL, IR, EC permanently mounted fixed detector/transmitter
4 US Patent granted for RAE Systems' unique photo-ionization detector design
1 ToxiRAE pocket PID
2 ModuRAE, the world’s first fixed PID
1 MultiRAE multi-sensor gas monitor
1 RAE Systems' new line of Gas Detection Tubes
2 UltraRAE, world’s first handheld photoionization (PID) detector with direct readings for Benzene
1 RAE Systems awarded ISO 9001 certification
2 MiniRAE 2000 handheld PID
3 VRAE one-to-five channel handheld gas surveyor
1 DRAE pocket-sized monitor for explosive gas and oxygen
2 ppbRAE, the first portable PID with parts-per-billion VOC detection
1 The QRAE Plus is a full-featured, compact, one-to-four sensor confined space gas detector.
2 AreaRAE wireless integrated monitoring systems
3 CDRAE Corona Discharge Ionization Detector for real-time measurement of chlorinated and high ionization VOCs
1 MultiRAE IR, a multi-sensor portable instrument that includes both a photo-ionization detector (PID) for the direct measurement of volatile organic contaminants and a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor for direct detection of CO2, all in the same compact design.
2 SentryRAE, the first multi-sensor area monitor to include PID
3 RAE Systems achieves European Community (ATEX) Certification for the Company's Product Quality Systems
1 BadgeRAE, personal H2S or CO gas monitor
2 AreaRAE IAQ RAE, the first wireless IAQ monitor that combines a PID with traditional measures of IAQ.
3 RAELink, RAE Systems first portable wireless modem for use with RAE handhelds.
4 RAEGuard, permanently installed photoionization detector
1 GammaRAE is a personal radiation monitor that detects gamma rays
2 ppbRAE volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor
3 NeutronRAE is a personal combined gamma and neutron radiation detector
4 AreaRAE Gamma, world’s first transportable chemical and radiation wireless detector.
5 SolarRAE, stand-alone power supply for RAE wireless monitors.
6 ToxiRAE II, personal single gas monitor
1 EntryRAE confined space monitor for VOCs
2 ppbRAE Plus, VOC monitor that detects 1 part per billion to 2,000 parts per million
3 AutoRAE, a docking, charging, bump test and calibration system.
4 RAE Watch, wireless sensor network that provide radiation and temperature monitoring
1 PlumeRAE portable plume measurement and prediction system
2 RAELink2, wireless modem for AreaRAE wireless networks to 3rd party products
3 AreaConnect, server for anytime anywhere viewing of ProRAE Remote/AreaRAE data.
4 GammaRAE II Responder, a gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter in one
5 RAEShare, aggregates and stores sensor data from multiple AreaRAE networks and allows users to share data
1 ChemRAE a portable chemical warfare agent (CWA) detector.
2 NeutronRAE II, the first personal radiation detector to provide rapid detection of both gamma (γ) ray and neutron
1 QRAE II a full featured, compact, one-to four-sensor gas detector
2 MiniRAE 3000 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) detector
3 ppbRAE 3000 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) detector with an extended range of 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm
4 DoseRAE, gamma radiation dosimeters
5 ProRAE Remote remote wide-area monitoring
6 MiniRAE Lite hand-held volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor with its PID range of 0 to 5,000 ppm
7 SentryRAE Steel, a 5-gas multi-sensor monitor
1 ToxiRAE 3 full-featured single gas monitor
2 QRAE II Pump four-gas pump detector
3 UltraRAE 3000, the world's first wireless handheld photoionization (PID) detector with direct readings for Benzene.
4 RAELink3, wireless modem
5 MeshGuard and FMC Mesh Network Gas Detection System
6 AutoRAE Lite for ToxiRAE 3 bump test and calibration station
1 MeshGuard LEL monitor the lower explosive limit (% LEL of flammable gases)
2 RAEGuard S fixed gas transmitter
3 AutoRAE Lite for QRAE II calibration station
4 AreaRAE Steel Inert, a one- to five-sensor gas detector
5 RDK Ruggedized Host, a controller that provides a data for a variety of wireless sensors on the AreaRAE network.
1 ProRAE Guardian real-time monitoring of wireless sensors
2 AreaRAE Gamma Steel, a Multi Gas and radiation detector
3 AreaRAE Steel, a multi-gas, wireless monitor
4 PowerPak, world’s first intrinsically safe portable power supply for gas monitors.
1 ToxiRAE Pro Wireless, the world's first wireless personal monitor
2 DoseRAE 2 a compact personal radiation detector
3 MultiRAE 2, the world's first wireless multi-threat monitors

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