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June 2011


World’s First Wireless Multi-Threat Monitors Deliver Life-Saving, All-in-One Protection from Toxic, Combustible Gases, and Radiation

RAE Systems continues to elevate safety for workers and first responders with its introduction of the world’s first wireless portable multi-threat monitors. The company’s new MultiRAE monitors have been completely redesigned to give safety professionals unprecedented visibility and control of chemical and radiation threat data – wirelessly and dependably.

The new MultiRAE monitors join RAE Systems’ successful family of MultiRAE products, including the MultiRAE Plus multi-gas monitor.

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A Timely Response to Support Japan and First Responders in Disaster’s Aftermath
by Thomas Nègre
Vice President of Marketing
RAE Systems, Inc.

Immediately after seeing the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, and then witnessing the challenges caused by the damaged reactor, we assembled a global team at RAE Systems’ corporate headquarters in San Jose, Calif., with the goal to help Japan and the response effort.

Clearly, there was a need for radiation- and gas-detection instruments in Japan following the disaster. What impressed us most, however, were the many inquiries we received early on from first responders around the globe as many international organizations responded with people and equipment.

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Compact, All-in-One Radiation Detector and Dosimeter Makes Debut in U.S.

As part of a multi-pronged effort to support Japan responders, RAE Systems accelerated its production of its new, versatile DoseRAE 2 instrument to make it available to local and international response teams in Japan. The DoseRAE 2, deployed in Japan and China, is now available in the U.S.

DoseRAE 2 is a compact and lightweight electronic radiation dosimeter with patented dual-sensor technology and accreditation from a recognized radiation testing facility. The direct-reading instrument provides a combination of personal radiation-dosage monitoring and accurate, real-time dose-rate detecting – all in a single, credit-card-size meter.

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RAE Systems Expands Mission to Protect First Responders

In an effort to help increase awareness and education within the U.S. fire service of the toxic threats of CO, hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and other gases, RAE Systems has partnered with the Fire Smoke Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping first responders better understand the life-long consequences of breathing smoke and its toxic byproducts.

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Wireless Monitoring System Helps Secure Super Bowl XLV

In advance of, and on the day of the Big Game, RAE Systems once again provided equipment and expertise to the local, state and federal security forces tasked with keeping more than 103,000 attendees to Super Bowl XLV safe.

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New Z1 Wireless Modem Embraced by European Customers

Earlier this year, RAE Systems delivered its ATEX-certified RAELink3 Z1 modem. This allows multiple detection technologies to be viewed on a single platform with easy access to real-time sensor and global positioning system (GPS) readings.

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Ask the Experts: Three Critical Questions on Radiation Exposure

Knowing more about radiation and how to detect it can help keep first responders and others safe from overexposure. RAE Systems provides a range of radiation detection meters and dosimeters, and continues to provide instruments to first responders and others involved in the Japan cleanup effort. June Wang, chief physicist for RAE Systems, brings more than 20 years of experience in the radiation field.

For information on selecting the appropriate radiation equipment for your application, please reference the RAE Systems’ white paper, "Radiation Detection: Selecting the Right Equipment for the Job" or locate a RAE Systems’ sales partner near you.

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Training Programs

RAE Systems provides a range of training courses and certificate programs for service and maintenance technicians using the company’s products. 2011 classes will be held in the Silicon Valley, Boston and Chicago areas. For more on training program schedules, visit

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Industry Events

RAE Systems plans to participate in the following upcoming industry trade shows and conferences. We hope to see you at one of them soon.

June 12-14
ASSE Safety
Chicago, IL

June 20-22
National UASI Homeland Security Conference
San Francisco, CA

August 2-3
National Sports Safety and Security Conference & Expo
New Orleans, LA

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