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Downloadable screensavers, flash demonstrations, and edutainment videos that provide gas/radiation detection insight.


Wireless Gas Detection for Oil and Gas Exploration

The MeshGuard system can be deployed on a rig site within minutes and transmits critical real-time readings and alarms to a central location for safe remote monitoring.

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Detailed, short, highly-informative digital publications with text, images, and links, and readable on computers, tablets or smartphones.


Advantages of Wirelessly Connected Atmospheric-Hazard Monitoring Equipment

This paper will review how wireless gas-detection systems are being adopted to perform a range of industrial applications.

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Keeping Event Locations Safe | Event Preparation Checklist

Public safety event planning that includes gas and radiation detection and protection must be prepared and outlined in advance

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Succinct, in-depth information presented by Gas Detection deployment, use and safety experts.


MythBusters: PID Webinar

The Photoionization detectors (PID) are broad-band sensors that respond to a large variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Since many user sites consider PID as a necessity, what is it and what is true about the technology?

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Webinar: Best Practices for Wireless Gas Detection in Oil and Gas Exploration

Gas detection technology is all around us. In the safety industry, gas detection has improved compliance, increased return on investment, and helped make workers and the public safer.

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Problem-solution implementation real-world examples of global organizations deploying gas/radiation detection systems for increased safety and compliance.


True Story

Chicago Paramedics Gain ‘Third Eye’ with New Standard for Detecting Deadly Carbon Monoxide Gas

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True Story Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

Wireless Gas-Monitoring Technology Proves Itself at Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island

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