About RAE Systems

RAE Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable, connected and intelligent gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radiation-detection systems that enable real-time safety- and security-threat detection.

RAE Systems’ monitors deliver proven wireless and fixed-connection performance, and are used by many leading corporations, first responders and government agencies worldwide. Thousands of RAE Systems’ monitors are in operation in industrial, emergency response, homeland security, civil defense, oil and gas, military and environmental organizations in more than 120 countries.

RAE Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions, including personal, hand-held, transportable and fixed instruments that are designed to meet the needs of any use scenario. The company’s fast and accurate detection products enable rapid action by displaying safety data immediately – even from remote locations to help preserve health, save lives, and protect equipment and property. RAE Systems provides an open threat-detection platform that integrates with a range of sensing monitors from RAE Systems and other companies.


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RAE Systems World Headquarters

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Toll Free: 1.877.723.2878
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